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Istanbul in the Ottoman and Roman Empire built during the tours we attended. Hippodrome is located in Istanbul OldCity turkey tours went first. This is the oldest structure built in the Hippodrome Istanbul. Hippodrome 75,000 people here Gladiator fights and horse racing has a capacity olimpyat many shows are made here. In the Hippodrome Obelisk and Serpentine Column 2 of them were brought from Egypt. Finally, the German emperor fountain was built in the Ottoman sultans as gifts to get. Istanbul is a very special part of the city is a part of the Asian continent, it is the only city on the European continent and in the middle of the Bosphorus and the sea.

Istanbul has become the world capital of culture in 2010. In Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar in Beyazit square we went. Istanbul Grand Bazaar, this structure edirne tours is that there are about 600 years if 2,500 shops. Especially gold, silver, emeralds and rubies shops are made of precious stone jewelry selling jewelry for men and women. Hand-woven with silk and wool carpets and rugs are. There are works which Turkish handmade crafts and souvenir shops. Firstly A structure built in 1453 in the reign of Mehmet.

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Private Cappadocia Tours Ortahisar I joined and went along with our tour guide. Turkish fortress town and a classic mid-bay two-storey houses with gardens and fruit consists of. This is a spectacular natural wonder of Cappadocia and Mount Hasan under the influence of the lava cools and rain has istanbul dinner cruis occurred. We went to Cappadocia to see all open-air museum, and here many fairy chimneys and cave people who had lived here. Reserved cave church where the people were religious worship, hidden cave church of Jesus Christ and the virgin mary is very nice on the walls are decorated with photos. uchisar cappadocia cappadocia highest point and had views very nice here.

This place the valley of Cappadocia pigeon pigeon flights, including many birds are watched. Ike in the middle of the river flows and river both vallay There are side cave. Pole and borehole 5-7 storey underground cities and the people who lived here. And from the Roman soldiers to take refuge in the winter and snowy weather and have used to hide. Avanos pottery stack of water works trabzon tours very beautiful crafts and souvenir shops are numerous. Zelve open air museum where gökyüzündew many balloons were flying and ground 200 feet in height went and here are very nice cappadocia had views, cappadocia balloon tour post with champagne celebration was held and the balloon flight serifika gave. Cappadocia came from another planet the question everyone is asking.

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There are four legged on the island and they burgaz heybeli and the Big Island. you first meet the history of the island and the pier, you will arrive at the island occurred here. The island has many bakeries selling ice cream in the square, I always recommend that you eat that ice cream. When you go to the right  side of the island and made a very beautiful coastal walks are also a large number of tea gardens. On the left side there are lots of fish restaurants on the edge of the sea. Let me tell you that the fish accompanied by spectacular istanbul airport transfers going to tell me in this chapter. I highly recommend the fish meatball on a historic island market for the island undesirables. The entire island is forbidden to use motor vehicles and therefore are be made by bicycle or horse-drawn carriages to transport. Island street somewhere so beautiful greenery. very nice home here with the classical Ottoman architecture

In front of the garden and has a garden where there are a variety of very beautiful flowers. Island in a wooded place where every point has the opportunity to picnic. You can swim from the island every point even though I did not go in, but they say it was the cleanest sea in Istanbul here. Finally, the island is a very nice tea garden on the top spot to drink tea and enjoy the spectacular view  from here was very enjoyable. I attended a fabulous trip to the 10-day programs did a lot of research on this subject and you can choose tours, including tours turkey istanbul first was my choice. Private Turkish tour guide they provide you with the possibility of the literature. Tursab document with truly professional service they provide. We provide all transportation and accommodation guidance from the airplane tickets here

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